Olan and Son Mobile Homes have been providing both new and used homes for over 5 decades. We are experts in mobile home sales, providing both new and used models, including the well-known brands Carnaby and Victory. We offer great value and affordability.

In addition to selling Mobile Homes, Olan and Son provide a complete delivery service, ensuring your home is transferred safely and securely. We are a fully insured and accredited business, experienced in the moving of mobile homes from one site to another and to private residences.

We also supply and/or install specialised double glazing and central heating systems. Retrofitting your home with double glazing and central heating will make your mobile home livable all year around.


 Once you have purchased your mobile home from Olan and Son Mobile Homes, we will deliver it to you anywhere nationwide. Our complete delivery services includes the following:

An access check to ensure that your land or property and its access is suitable for an abnormal load

Organise delivery of mobile home to your site

Site and set up mobile home with crane if necessary

Remove old mobile home and trade ins considered


Olan and Son’s Mobile Homes offer this great service so that you can make your mobile home livable all year around. With double glazing and central heating your mobile home is no longer a holiday home during the summer but can give you many more options.

The double glazed windows we use are purpose built for mobile homes, they are industry standard glazing systems which look like they belong. We can replicate the existing frame look and feel and at the same add value to your mobile home.

Our central heating systems will give you the added warmth to make your mobile a home away from home all year around as well as a great option while you are saving for a home or building.


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