Back in November 2020 we were approached by a company who we had previously bought our sales outlet office from asking if we would be interested in taking in some more to supply those in the Irish market. Of course, we agreed, I mean with everything currently happening and a huge amount of the Irish workforce working from home we would hopefully be able to provide them with a space sized to their needs where they could work from without any of the distractions that working from a kitchen table brings. So, we planned the pods around this idea setting them up as an office space and also a home gym/salon with floor to ceiling mirrors.

The last thing we expected to happen was for a hotel group in the north of the country to reach out to us looking for two that they can use as part of their outdoor market in one of the carparks. This was huge for us as it opened our eyes to more possibilities for these home pods. Since then they have asked for two more to extend the market with the possibility of adding another in the future.

There really is a number of options and uses for them and we are more than happy to discuss ideas you may have for them. Whether its an office, showroom, garden room or art gallery we can discuss all the options.